Sunday, July 5, 2009

So i guess some good can come out of Facebook stalking...

The link I have posted is from and is about how social networking is revolutionizing the art world. It gives us endless possibilities for subjects, information about friends and strangers we might never want to know. Especially when it comes to artists showing work. A *WARNING* however...apparently, if you post pictures of your work on something like facebook, you no longer own the images, facebook does. So be careful of what you post.
I do kinda hope that I end up in one of this guys paintings.

There is another guy who paints heads who I found on my friend Jana's blogspot. People send this guy pictures of their heads, and he just paints them. I am pretty sure he works through blogspot, and definitely Facebook, that's where people send them. Some of them are really beautiful....

I guess I do kind of appreciate the connectivity and ease of retrieving information for my generation. We have access to millions of people and any information we could need. But it does kind of take away the need for human interaction....doesn't it?

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  1. jes! your pillow sound amazing! I want to seee some.

    Also, did you see my post about this artist? I LOVE her. I sent her my picture. I want a painting too.
    MISS YOU. so glad you started blogging. and nothing you say is trite. MISUS.